event horizon

down there in my own abyss,
where all paths clash together,
that's where i grab the feather,
and spill out silent words.

i look across the border:
the road to nowhere lies ahead,
upon which misty rain is shed,
and melting me away.

and through the wall behind i feel
this should have been the magic day,
but all the powers would decay
when memories start fading.

the taste of heaven on my tongue,
its unpresence my hell inside,
anticipating every night,
into what i must fall.

i'm falling into distant worlds,
into a deep and dying star,
desire a pulsating scar,
crushed on and out and down.

i want to feel no weight again,
instead i shape a purple band,
while entering the unknown land,
although i could get choked.

i know all this is just too real,
and yet it is so far away.
i beg you dream, please would you stay,
for i can't stand the void.


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