the void is killing me

now i am sitting here,
trying to kill the silence,
while all the worlds are falling apart.
now the void is ripping me,
trying to kill my mind.

void, oh beautiful void!
life is easy to stand,
compared to your vastness,
but you, oh wonderful void,
you're unbearable.

what should i do when
there is less than nothing?
when my mind tells me:
when my heart yells at me:
and my eyes betray me:

all my days are fulfilled
with waiting for our time,
looking forward to much more
of this anticipation.
they say this would be
the best way to look
forward to something.
what a bunch of idiots!

oh, colourful world,
filled with your little mankind,
playing your games with my soul,
while i'm just searching for something,
for anything but void.

nothing at least,
for nothing is nothing to bear,
nothing to die from,
nothing to live with,
nothing to long for.
but nothing is more than this void,
more than i could hope for.

to hell with you numbers,
to hell with you people,
to hell with you silence:
i turn up the beautiful noise,
and then i spit on your shiny world!


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