things that never

now the colors on the photograph
fading like the memories
rising waves of agony
from grey to grey in circles

now the things that never
and the things that were
forever in this moment
forever in a loop

now more surreal than the past
ghost are dancing on the surface
reaching out into the silence
and the frozen scars beneath

now is all that's left
the last sliver of a me
chained to the unrelenting
to the grim arrow of time

now i ride the sine wave
and the things that never
i don't know the answer
to the things that were



the grave

up there the great oak towers high
her vast crown covers half the sky
through cracks in tiles her sturdy root
feasts lavishly on ancient soot

when sun and water split the stones
the soil has swallowed our bones
the palaces have turned to dust
nothing remains above the crust

the world again is calm and lush
the ruins reigned by tree and brush
a beauty none has ever seen
the final peace is tinted green

like fools we dream of legacy
and cherish what will never be
for all that matters in the end
is who will reconquer this land