and then he sowed wonder

close your eyes
and don't speak a word
free your mind
the world is but a dream
now feel the soil
and listen to the tree
for you shall learn its tale
sit down

songs of old
the words in the wind
all that is
all that has ever been
a magic age
it whispers from afar
still guided by the ghost
in stone

dangers lurk
but you're not alone
word and sword
and friends are at your side
to find the eight
unite them at the tree
the source of all that is
the seeds

of the waves
of stars and the moon
of the light
of shadows underneath
of burning heat
of rock and dust and stone
of whispers in the wind
of life

sound the drum
the dragon is yours
you must fight
for all that you hold dear
prepare and pray
this is your final ride
the fortress in the sky




i will remember your first tears
two glinting streaks on virgin skin
and the fire in your heart

to excel, surrender, suffer
to fill the empty shape with yearning
to uphold that image of perfection
you had been so eager
every wish for you command

yet to face and live the horror
to persist where darkness shone
you reached down into the abyss
there resides the revolution
deep inside our lost souls

all that we've achieved
all the power and our pride
all that we put into motion
culminated in that crushing moment
which finally announced our fall

your wish and chance were granted
herald of a newborn age
near existence' very edge
i beg not to be forgotten
for we soon must disappear

i will remember your last words
i, too, should to be thankful
for the fire in your heart