like monks, in silence
let us contemplate alone
ramble somewhere else


liquid desire

reflections of blue
crystal in the sun
playful days
icy trail
the comet's end

shifting shapes
flowing essence
playful days
with glacial grace
out of the lagoon

first glimpse
dripping with promise
liquid desire
the substance that matters
back to the source

mysterious creature
chilling instinct
liquid desire
to long forever
trapped in the cold

recall the gloom
that place without walls
frozen in time
merged minds
under the shroud

reveal the truth
find the beach
frozen in time
melting dreams
beyond reach



drift bottle

this tiny island
rock and sand
grass and trees
this patch of life
we are stuck
so you must go

fire in the distance
beyond the horizon
the night flies by
and the sky calls
you shall respond
remember the words

dear friend
you are not alone
there is an island
follow the trail
discover the past
we were here

go now
sleep well and forever
live out the dream
seek our destiny
your echoes whisper
our legacy to the stars




The circle's edge is gleaming,
A blazing ring of light,
The sentinel is dreaming,
Our witness in the night.

A glance into the shadow,
Behind the giant's back,
Right there above the rainbow,
Reveals a tiny speck.

Defenseless and unguarded,
So fragile and alone,
This is where it all started,
Behold our only home.