Everything's hazy now,
I can't remember how
I got ensnared and lost my will.

How did we even meet,
What kind of fate could lead
Me to this place of sway and ill?

The words they made me say,
I always did obey,
They had control over my mind.

I hinged on every whim,
My future became dim,
I was a slave, enchained and blind.

At times I was set free,
They just abandoned me,
I begged and cried always in vain.

I crawled about the ground,
Eventually I found
Another jail of love and pain.

When did this circle end?
How often did I bend?
I can't recall, don't want to know.

I cannot shed this weight,
Although I feel no hate,
Never forget, never let go.



blood and rain

Once upon a time a boy stood on a field,
He braved the elements as he held up his shield,
When blood was mixed with rain, he saw the tears she cried,
A source of inner strength let him become her knight.

Regardless of his fate or illness he might get
He just kept standing there, his clothes were soaking wet,
Determined to protect he did not feel the cold,
No one had thought that he could make a move so bold.

On the way back to the house his thoughts were running wild,
He felt so proud and strong, but he was just a child,
He thought he had defied the cold rain from above,
Much too late he found out he had been fuelled by love.

Afterwards she forgot the boy's heroic deed,
She did not recognize the strength his love had freed,
An adult once remarked his nerves were very strong,
But weakness had been running deep and hidden all along.

Their paths divided soon, he saw her seldomly,
And every time they met his heart jumped suddenly,
He never did confess what secretly he felt,
The coward yielded to the fear he'd be repelled.

All throughout his life the boy stood on this field,
He faced his fear too late, thus he kept up his shield,
Since that momentous day, when blood was mixed with rain,
Whenever he thinks back he relives all the pain.

Then, after many years, he'll spot her in a crowd,
He'll wait outside the door, the concert will be loud,
He will know that this chance might be his only one,
She will refuse, at last, and be forever gone.



those who are firmly grounded

What have you been doing so late?
Why did you make all of us wait?

Have you been reading one of those books?
Will you stop giving me angry looks?

Don't you have better stories to read?
How can this ever be what you need?

What is it this time, robots in space?
What can I do to heal you from this craze?

Going to Mars - see how stupid that sounds?
Will you come down and stop messing around?

Why do you still have your head in the clouds?
Are you not getting at least a few doubts?

When will you regret all the fun you did miss?
Why can't you see just how useless this is?

When did your life get so futile and sad?
What have I done that you turned out so bad?




mental gravity
those who are firmly grounded
ignorance, not bliss