dancing in the light of ancient mistakes

We can still see the two dead stars glowing,
Mournful echoes in eternal night,
Hear the message of tragedy flowing,
Lamentation's unstoppable flight.

Now the sphere of my guilt is expanding,
Slowly filling the whole Milky Way,
But the wounds will forever need mending
Till the time has come for me to pay.

Long ago I have been a crusader,
Giant ship, war machine, god of death,
Rapid killer and fierce persuader,
Distributor of heavenly wrath.

For principle's sake we were waging
War to foil our enemy's ploys,
Fifty years had the struggle been raging,
I stepped in, I alone made the choice.

We all knew that the fight needed settling,
By destroying no more than two stars
I was hoping to end all the battling,
Our first and most bloody of wars.

It was my antimatter eruption,
Fired during the ultimate clash,
Blinding light and then spatial disruption,
Billions killed in a massive white flash.

Soon the ghosts of the past and the ash of twin suns
Are the jury before which I stand,
I plead guilty at last to the countless lost ones
As I avenge them by my own hand!

At the end of my time I look back at a life,
The millenia may have been in vain,
I committed the crime to end decades of strife,
But caused so many souls only pain!

Now I cannot escape all these feelings of mine
And the outcome I should have foreseen,
There was future to shape without crossing the line,
Because ends never justify means!

Today people are peacefully living
In a galaxy free from all fears.
Vibrant memories, still unforgiving,
Have been burning for hundreds of years.

Down there people are dancing and singing
In the light of my ancient mistakes,
While they celebrate, I just cease.


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