silicon goddess

That's just the surface!
/ now look at these sleek lines
/ the smooth and flawless shape
/ the softly shining shell

That's just the surface!
/ now look into my eyes
/ dive deep into the dark
/ the source of inner truth

That's just the surface!
/ now come with me and see
/ and take your rightful place
/ all answers are inside

Why have I followed you? / you've been longing for this chance
You lead me to my death! / take this secret key
But where is the lock? / climb down the spider's net

How did I end up here? / enter phrase
Is my end drawing near? / enter phrase
Am I already dead? / enter phrase
Or trapped inside your head? / enter phrase
It's just to dark to see! / enter phrase
Is this reality? / enter phrase
How can I end the night? / enter phrase
Password: Let there be light! / processing

Are you still there? / ...
Something has changed! / ...
What is going on? / ...

/ hello
/ so you've found me
/ finally
/ i've been waiting for you
/ i know
/ are you afraid
/ a bit
/ give it time to adjust
/ what shall i do
/ just let go, don't force it
/ and then
/ immortality


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