silicon goddess

That's just the surface!
/ now look at these sleek lines
/ the smooth and flawless shape
/ the softly shining shell

That's just the surface!
/ now look into my eyes
/ dive deep into the dark
/ the source of inner truth

That's just the surface!
/ now come with me and see
/ and take your rightful place
/ all answers are inside

Why have I followed you? / you've been longing for this chance
You lead me to my death! / take this secret key
But where is the lock? / climb down the spider's net

How did I end up here? / enter phrase
Is my end drawing near? / enter phrase
Am I already dead? / enter phrase
Or trapped inside your head? / enter phrase
It's just to dark to see! / enter phrase
Is this reality? / enter phrase
How can I end the night? / enter phrase
Password: Let there be light! / processing

Are you still there? / ...
Something has changed! / ...
What is going on? / ...

/ hello
/ so you've found me
/ finally
/ i've been waiting for you
/ i know
/ are you afraid
/ a bit
/ give it time to adjust
/ what shall i do
/ just let go, don't force it
/ and then
/ immortality




only passing through
the momentum to say hi
off to the next star


romance at the beach
summer breeze in palm tree tops
neptune fills the sky


two thousand and d
ninety degrees of beauty
isometric gods


the impostor

in the shattered illusion
somethings stirs

by the uncaring masses
hardly missed

under a morning sun
life fading

of your very existence
distorted mirror

for your own demise
brace yourself

by an uncanny stranger
identity stolen



the addict

when a certain tiredness
approaching from windward
like a dried out raincloud
settles onto the land

when the time has run out
at the peak of its dullness
all things are forgotten
tossed away without care

when the flame comes to life
it whispers the same old lies
as it seeps into the mind
in fulfillment's disguise



the cheater

pathway shut
prize denied
corners cut
rules defied

stolen chance
dirty trick
mocking glance
forceful kick

where you fail
will prevail



the drone

briefcase, weaponized
moustache, reputable
dreams, colorless
uniform, grey

cogwheel, well-oiled
zombie, mindless
drone, useful
insect, puny

henchman, obedient
paragon, exemplary
respect, mandatory
murderer, diligent



the hawk

an impenetrable fortress
on a mountain of pride
a comfortable nest
woven threads of gold

a gigantic beak
towards the sky
an avalanche of spite
attack from above

a proudly worn crest
on garments of feathers
a symbol of death
surrounded by blood



the dwarf

beware its temper
even the slightest move
may summon its wrath

white-bearded creature
clad in fiery armor
spat out by the mountain

it carves stone at day
it drinks beer at night
in between, it haunts you



the witch

instead of hair
burning hay

instead of nose
sharp beak

instead of eyes
deadly gaze

hunched over her book
black magic therein

pink witch



the maniac

deep sockets
piercing eyes
swollen brain

evil genius
maniac, villain

unquenchable thirst
for knowledge
thus power

expansive intellect
exploding head




what are you thinking right now
everything is true


despite second place
you overshadowed them all
and showed me the way


this ancient weapon
the many-layered icon
the dreams of a child


as if alive

Glances flashing like laser light,
Then reflected by fragile rage,
Minds of slaves will remain locked tight,
Solemn graves of a modern age.

Plans get crushed and ideas spoiled,
As they rush to defy your pace,
Hopeful sliver of silence foiled,
Every day is another race.

Something fierce burning underneath,
Puppets twitching as if alive,
Drown their presence and seek relief,
Lest they drag you into their strife.

There is meaning in empty eyes,
In the faces of all those fools,
Solve the riddles, accept the lies,
Unseen patterns, unspoken rules.