magnetic and swift
pulse, literally soaring
first sight cast the spell


homo homini lupus

Where sirens howl and footsteps boom,
There's silent movement in the sky,
But hidden from the watchful eye,
You've entered subterranean gloom.

Look around - what do you see?
All sense has left the human race,
This world is crumbling at its base,
The fundaments of sanity!

Seek refuge in the night, my friend,
Forget the past and don't look back,
The hunters run but with the pack,
They'll chase you to the bitter end.

You must locate the cast-out few,
Then, with the powers of the mind,
To tell the deaf and show the blind,
Transform yourself and rise anew.




overstep not the last boundary
don't invoke the prison watch
protectors of their precious
oh their prized humanity

why are we so hesitant now
after all we've come this far
in stagnation we will perish
i refuse to yield in fear

go too far and...
move too fast and...
think too much and...
speak too true and...

these days the line is fading
blurred beyond all recognition
it takes but a single misstep
beware the apparatus' eye

in a clandestine procedure
i squeeze in another piece
a mere hundred thousandth further
just a sliver more machine




through the unreal eye
window into worlds below
free fall and magic


the ghost

an urge to run sets in
the will to fight has faded
but the knife remains sharp

no escape from the wrath
unperturbed by death itself
righteous fury rages on

from the dark corners of the crypt
i can hear your voice once again
the haunting echo of a forgotten past

triumph is near
witness the grand finale
you have sowed, i must reap

those words formed under the blanket
black magic carved into pristine skin
the spell has been cast




fortress of the mind
ocean below, sky above
scale the walls of fire



silence at the end
threads released into the deep
freedom and the storm